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Posted Aug 25, 2022 By Garrett Richardson

Why Use Silicone Hose?

Silicone rubber hoses perform extremely well under severe temperature and environmental extremes...

Posted Mar 08, 2022 By Garrett Richardson

Clamping Guide

The below guidelines follow TMC RP 332 C: - Hose should be snug on pipe and not loose.- If needed, lubricate with water and mild liquid soap soluti...

Posted Oct 22, 2021 By Garrett Richardson

Understanding Minimum Bend Radius for Hoses

BEND RADIUS MINIMUM is the smallest bend radius, a length expressed in inches or mm typically, at which our silicone hose can be used without it ki...

Posted Oct 05, 2021 By Garrett Richardson

Silicone Hose Manufacturing 101 - Mandrel Wrapped Hose

This goal of this article is to give a very basic idea of the elements involved in manufacturing mandrel wrapped silicone hose. The quality assuran...

Posted Sep 30, 2021 By Garrett Richardson

Silicone Data & Applications

Silicone rubber has historically been used in specialty applications in order to meet requirements other elastomers cannot...